Friday, February 19, 2010

Slang-Whangers In A Sonofabitch Stew

One of the fun things about writing is research or more precisely "research".  Thinly disguised as the things I simply MUST know about my characters that can keep me 'barkin' at a knot' for hours. More importantly, wasting time is a joy when you're on a deadline.  For instance, a character, although she lives in the present time and grew up in New York, enjoys speaking in old west slang. And who doesn't? Oh, the hours of fun finding ridiculous slang for her to spew into dialogue for no apparent reason. Here are a few gems you might enjoy:

A Hog-Killin' Time - A real good time. "We went to the Rodeo Dance and had us a hog-killin' time."

Airin' the Paunch - Vomit, throw-up, regurgitate. He's "airing the paunch" after a heavy bout of drinking.

Barkin' at a knot - Doing something useless; wasting your time, trying something impossible.

Blacksmithing - Pimping for a prostitute.

Buckle Bunnies - Female groupies who follow and befriend rodeo riders.

Excuse-me-ma'am - A bump in the road.

Family Disturbance - Whiskey

Lunger - Slang for someone with tuberculosis.
Hot as a Whorehouse on Nickel Night - Damned hot.

Shoot the Crow - Obtain a drink in a saloon and leave without paying.

Shove the queer - To pass counterfeit money.

Sossle Or Sozzle - A lazy or sluttish woman.  

Sugar – Kiss or loving. "Honey, come over here and give your grandma some sugar." 
I've been using them in a sentence ever since and having more fun than a soft horse in a teapot! (A horse with lots of energy at a train station) Sure, I may be 'all down but nine' but atleast I can 'acknowledge the corn'.

Word to your mother.